Live @ National Apologetics Conference 2014

From on Nov 6, 2014

** Conference Is Over **

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2014 National Apologetics Conference Video and LiveBlog

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2014 National Apologetics Conference sponsored by Veritas Evangelical Seminary (visit) where you can earn your fully accredited master’s degree in apologetics on-campus or by external studies from some of the top apologists in the world today. This year’s conference is also sponsored by Defending Inerrancy where over 15,000 have voiced their support for the Bible—have you? (sign) veritas

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Live Schedule: Friday 6:15pm to 9:40pm Pacific, Saturday 9 to 4:30pm Pacific. Speakers: David Limbaugh, Norman Geisler, Scott Carroll, Randall Price, David Farnell, Jay Smith and Richard Land. Click here for conference details.

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