Graphics Kit for Raising Awareness

From on Nov 5, 2014

Help Us Raise Awareness

We have a “graphics kit” for churches and individuals interested in helping raise awareness.

Click on individual pic below or download all here:
Graphics Kit Download (3.5 MB ZIP)

Graphics Kit Contents

File Purpose Size
Social Media Post.jpg Post on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr 146 KB
Website Banner – Generic.jpg Banner for church websites, personal websites and blogs 98 KB
Website Banner – Generic – Margin on Bottom.jpg Same as above but extra margin on bottom if needed 98 KB
Website Banner – Your Name – Gimp.xcf Original GIMP file for customizing (Futura font not included) 2 MB
Website Banner – Your Name – Photoshop.psd Original Photoshop file for customizing (Futura font not included) 3 MB

For sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr you can use “Social Media Post.jpg“:


Social Media Post.jpg

For putting a website banner on your church website, personal website or blog use “Website Banner – Generic.jpg“:

"Website Banner - Generic.jpg"

Website Banner – Generic.jpg

This is the same as above but with extra margin on the bottom for websites that need it “Website Banner – Generic – Margin on Bottom.jpg“:

Website Banner - Generic - Margin on Bottom.jpg

Website Banner – Generic – Margin on Bottom.jpg

If you would like to add your church name in place of “This Church” you can do so by modifying the original Photoshop or GIMP versions located in the ZIP file here: Graphics Kit Download (3.5 MB ZIP). Note that the font used is Futura and is not included.