Lectures by Joe Holden

Lectures by Dr. Joe Holden


Things That Matter: Dr. Joe Holden on Seminary, Biblical Authority and Holding Fast to Inerrancy

https://vimeo.com/210831944  -or-  https://youtu.be/hzjYCxw2iOA

Dr. Joe Holden discusses the current discourse toward seminaries today in the U.S. By explaining his personal story from being a quiet young man, to a Bible college teacher, speaker, author and president of VIU, Dr. Holden encourages others to heed the opportunities God has for them. Dr. Holden closes by discussing the need for younger generations to be raised in the authority and inerrancy of the Word as the next Bible scholars and leaders of defending the faith.

Digging For The Truth; Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries

Dr. Joseph Holden president of Veritas Evangelical Seminary teaches a session titled “Digging For The Truth; Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries”.


Archaeology and the Bible: What Stones Tell Us About the Reliability of Scripture (2011)


Mt. Airy Bible Church – Lecture by Christian thinker Joseph Holden. This video is part of the ‘Veritas Apologetics Conference’ (2011)



Interview with Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Dr. Joseph Holden




Pastor’s Perspective – Contradictions in Scripture

Join Pastor Josh Turansky along with Pastor Brian Brodersen, and Dr. Joe Holden, president of Veritas Evangelical Seminary as they discuss the topic of contradictions in scripture.

[An interview with ] “Dr Norman Geisler”